Saturday, March 12, 2005

Its not a good week to be a New York cop. Two former NYPD members have been arrested on various charges, including contract murder allegedly conducted for the Mob. One of the accused is Louis Eppolito, who is the author of Mafia Cop: The Story of an Honest Cop Whose Family Was the Mob. The book included discussions of allegations Eppolito retained ties to the Mafia, his father and grandfather being connected with organised crime. But now authorities have actually built a case against him after years of suspicion, making me wonder half jokingly if his book should be moved into the fiction section.

Of course writing fiction about yourself isn't unheard of. Some people even write material acknowledged to be fiction with themselves a major or minor character. One example is Richard Marchinko, a former US Navy SEAL who followed up books on his days with the Navy with action adventure novels with himself as the main character. Other writers produce characters that are subtly, and often not so subtly, based on themselves or their fantasies of what they'd like to be. For example James Bond has been speculated to be based both on people Ian Fleming knew while an operative for MI6 during WW2 and perhaps some of Fleming's own experiences.

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