Thursday, March 24, 2005

It seems there are more than a few people out there that like Teletoon's current teen mall comedy 6teen. The couple of mentions I've made of the series here keep generating hits for me. And it seems that Teletoon must be doing well ratings wise with the program, as they've apparently decided to purchase a second season of episodes according to Emilie-Claire Barlow, who has been doing some of the voices. Perhaps they're considering it as a potential replacement for Braceface, which they've beaten into the ground pretty heavily with repeats, and which has apparently ended its production cycle. I do have to wonder about Teletoon playing 6TEEN 6 nights a week when they've to date only played 14 episodes, with the 14th premiering this week after a couple of weeks of no new episodes. Then again this is the same station that managed to play the 13 episodes of Undergrads over and over again for long stretches.

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