Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Internet allows criminals to expand their activities to places they've never actually been. But sometimes it does the same for police officers. Joshua Hardman of Acworth, Georgia has found this out the hard way. He's currently facing charges of possessing and transmitting child porn. The charges result from what Hardman alledgedly thought was a conversation with a preteen girl in an online chat room, a girl who he then sent child porn pictures to. Unfortunately for him the "girl" was actually a Saskatoon vice cop. The Saskatoon Police Service contacted US authorities, and Hardman was arrested in February.

While we're on the subjecting of law enforcement it will be interesting to see if this week's America's Most Wanted makes any mention of last week's RCMP shooting tragedy. There was no mention of it on the Mar. 5 broadcast, but given the apparent production cycle of the show thats no surprise. AMW has been involved in Canadian cases in the past, so a mention wouldn't be a surprise.

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