Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I've been getting more hits on this blog for Delta State searches, and this time its people looking for Delta State fanfics. This makes me wonder how early is too early to write a fanfic about something. I suppose it depends on what series you intend to write for and what your story is going to be about. With any ongoing series you always run the risk of writing something that will be in complete contradiction to what ends up being canon(ie a lot of early Babylon 5 fics must have ended up buggered when Michael O'Hare quit and Bruce Boxleitner was brought in). But this is magnified if you try and write when you've only seen/read/what have you the first few episodes of something. Delta State seems to have a specific plot arc going, so it could be risky to write for it without seeing the whole thing. Its also probably a bit early to know how much fanfic the series will inspire. Some series just don't catch the attention of large numbers of fic writers, while others arguably are overwritten for.

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