Monday, October 18, 2004

The hit counter on this blog is just about to hit 1000. Thanks to everyone who has passed through here so far.

Its a complete mess here in Saskatoon today. The large amount of snow we've received has made the roads a mess. And as is always the case things are compounded by people suddenly driving like total idiots, doing things any sensible person should know not to. For example I saw someone driving this morning with a dog in their lap. This is dumb at any time, but even more dumb when the roads are slick and you need both hands on the wheel. (Pets should never be loose in a vehicle anyways. Belt them in or have them ride in a pet carrier.) I had to do some driving a bit ago, and it was pretty bad. I made it back in one piece with no accidents, but it was a rather nail biting trip.

Another annoyance today was using a public bathroom, and having someone else do so, then leave without washing their hands just before I did. Folks, WASH YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU USE THE TOILET! I don't care how careful you were I don't want unwashed, fresh from the bathroom hands touching anything I might want to touch. I wash my hands with soap and water out of respect for others, and I'd really appreciate others doing so as well.

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