Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just spent some time reading the first bits of Ben Watson's new bio of free improvising guitarist Derek Bailey via the time honoured nuisance making activity of standing for a while in a bookstore.  Very interesting and amusing stuff reading about how he grew up in 1930s England and his early days as a professional guitarist.   Reading about the conditions of his childhood reminds me of the similar conditions that Bill Wyman describes from his childhood in his autobio/Stones history.  For that matter the thought just popped to mind of how my own father grew up in rural Saskatchewan in the 1940s.  Arguably better conditions than they did, but still they didn't have electricity on the Gueguen farm for the first few years of his life, and when they did get electricity it was via an on farm battery plant and not from the provincial electricity grid.  That would come several years later.  Anyways I hope that my local library gets a copy of the Bailey bio, as I just don't have 50 bucks to drop on a single book for the foreseeable future.  Other expenses take priority.

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