Thursday, July 08, 2004

Its funny how sometimes when you want to find something amongtt your possessions it turns out to be a major chore, and other times its in the first place you look. For some reason this morning I started thinking about a cassette I hadn't listened to in years, and decided I should give it a listen. So just a bit a go I went looking for it, and bang! it was in the top row of cassettes in the first of my cassette boxes I looked in.

The album in question is Elli, by French(?) singer Elli Medeiros. I bought this on a whim years ago after reading a review of it in Option magazine(remember them?). I bought it for the same reason I'm sure Option reviewed it, because trumpeter Don Cherry was on it. No, this Don Cherry is not the white hockey coach, he's the unfortunately dead black associate of jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman. There must have been a really interesting story about how he ended up on this recording. Its not bad, sort of a funk rock kind of thing, with vocals mainly in French. I actually saw the video for the second cut on the album, "Vanille," on the French network of the CBC a number of years ago, and Cherry was in it. Other than that I know zip about Ms. Medeiros.

You may be familiar with Mr. Cherry's children. His stepdaughter Neneh Cherry had a hit with "Buffalo Stance" in the late '80s. His son Eagle Eye Cherry had a hit in '98 with "Save Tonight," and has done some acting.

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