Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day to my fellow countrymen.

Could this be a sign the world is coming to an end? Don Zimmer, who has worked for the New York Yankees forever, is now working as a scout for the Tampa Bay Devilrays. Incidentally this is Zim's 53rd year in professional baseball.

On a more serious note a member of a mailing list I'm on posted a link to a pdf file of the Texas Republican Party platform. I sure am glad I don't live in Texas. Did they chase away all the Republicans who aren't religious conservatives? Reading that they want to bring back anti sodomy laws makes me wonder if they'll be like the old ones, and not just apply to gays. After all "sodomy" usually was defined as any sort of sexual activity that wasn't procreative penis into vagina sex. So a married couple who liked to perform oral sex could be charged with sodomy if they were spotted doing so. And someone needs to tell these mooks that creationism and so called Intelligent Design are not scientific theories.

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