Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Once more it's September 13th, and as is tradition here on the blog we commemorate Breakaway Day.  On this day in 1999 the Moon was blown out of Earth orbit by a massive explosion of nuclear waste on the far side.  By an unknown process this led to the Moon being flung across the Universe, taking with it the crew of Moonbase Alpha.

The title to this post is a callback to last year's Breakaway Day post.  This year is the 40th anniversary of the second and final season of Space: 1999.  CBC in Canada aired the first episode of year 2, "The Metamorph," on Saturday, September 18, 1976.  I remember CBC advertising the upcoming season with a clip from "The Metamorph" some time before that date, although I can't remember how far beforehand it was. 

The second season did well enough that further episodes were considered, but ultimately series producers ITC/ATV decided that the lack of a major US network order didn't make future episodes viable. 

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