Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's Cassette, October 31, 2012,

Seems I'll get one more post in before month's end.  And it's a long overdue return of the Today's Cassette feature.

In the Sanyo tonight is Across The Universe, the major label debut by Minneapolis indie rockers Trip Shakespeare.  I'd read an article or two about them just before or just after they were signed, but it was some years later when I picked this one up from a cutout bin someplace.  The case even has a notch cut out of it, a sign it actually was a cutout, as opposed to a store just clearing out old stock.  Apparently the band were less than pleased with the final result, and it only sold 33 thousand copies.  The band would do 2 more albums for A&M before the label dropped them.  Guitarist/keyboardist Dan Wilson and bassist John Munson would later be members of Semisonic, who had a hit in 1999 (wow, it's that long ago) with "Closing Time."

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