Sunday, October 28, 2012


According to the archive for this blog, this is the 2000th post I've made here.  It actually isn't, since I've made a few test posts over the years that were deleted just after they were posted.  But this is the 2000th post in the archive.  In one sense it's a bit odd for me to think that I've done this 2000 times since 2004.  On the other hand my output is low compared to some other bloggers of my acquaintance, and if I'd kept up the pace I posted at in the first couple of years of activitiy here post 2000 would have gone up sometime in 2009.  Still, I keep going at it.  Twitter and Facebook get more press these days, but they really don't offer me anything that I can't do here.  And frankly I spend way too much time online as it is to get sucked into them.

Here's to the next 2000 posts.  Coming soon to a computer near you.  Yes, there will be more, more, more.

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