Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YouTube Fails Me.

Going about my business today foir some reason a classic Canadian ad from the '70s came to mind.  It was a fire prevention ad based around the Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.  The animated ad, which featured the Little Old Lady and her brood knowing what to do when fire broke out "Later that night, around half past two," spawned several more PSAs.  Unfortunately the original isn't on YouTube, just one of the later ones.  The later one misses the deadpan narration that makes the original so fun.  Of course, as I mentioned in a post about TV commercials on YouTube a good while back, it's surprising when ads like that do turn up on YouTube, especially the older ones.

Since it isn't available here's one of the classic National Flm Board Canadian Vignettes that appeared for years on Canadian TV.  This one is about the Republic of Manitoba.  Love that line at the end.

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Tim Gueguen said...

Years later I found myself thinking of that vignette in regards to Donald Trump. Which is probably a bit insulting to Thomas Spence.