Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Muslim Mayor Menace.

In case you missed it the people of Calgary elected a Muslim Canadian, Naheed Nenshi, as their new mayor, the first Muslim mayor in Canada.  So, how long do you think it took the "He's an evil Mooslim, Calgary is doomed!" talk to start?  I'd say it was almost instant.  The fact that Nenshi was born and raised in Canada and is a Harvard grad of course makes no difference to these types.  Muslims share a hive mind, and the goal of that hive mind is to conquer us all, in their paranoid world view.  There's even "Look out, he'll be Canada's Obama!" talk, which isn't much of a surprise.   Not to mention invoking the Sharia Law boogeyman.  Same old song and dance.  Like other forms of paranoia it won't matter how little Nenshi does to meet their expectations of the Muslim Mayor Menace, they'll keep crying wolf.

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