Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Waste Of Time, His And Ours.

Some people just can't seem to get the point.  Former Reform and Canadian Alliance MP Jim Pankiw announced today that he plans to run as an independent in the next election.  The obvious question is why is he bothering.  Independent candidates virtually never get elected in Canada.  Pankiw himself is a good example, losing by some 2300 votes to my current MP, Conservative Brad Trost, in 2004, and then losing to Gerry Ritz in Battlefords-Lloydminster in 2006.  Those independents that have won have been highly popular as individuals.  That doesn't describe Pankiw.  It's quite obvious that Pankiw's election wins were because a significant percentage of those who voted for him were actually voting for the party he represented, not him personally, as a large percentage of that support disappeared with his becoming an independent. 

Pankiw of course claims he's going to win.  It would be silly for him to do otherwise.  But does he really believe it?  Or is it yet another gambit on his part to make sure people don't forget him?   I suspect that whatever his goal is Pankiw likes the sound of his own voice.  He no doubt will get some voters just on name recognition and his dubious views alone.  But actually winning is just not on.  So all he is doing is wasting everyone's time, including his own.

Pankiw's campaign includes a new website.  If you click on the link I take no responsibility for whatever negative effects it might have on you.

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