Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The University of Saskatchewan unveiled Monday its new student residence project.  Phase one of the College Quarter project will house up to 400 students.  Many people are sure to be asking why this is being done now, and why it has been more than 30 years since the last U of S run residence was built.  Student housing has long been a problem, with University students competing with students attending other schools such as SIAST.  It has only gotten worse in recent years as many apartments have been converted into condos.  Current on campus housing only provides 1190 beds, which in 2008 provided for only 6 percent of the U of S's 18,474 students, and which is far lower than most other similar institutions in Canada. Even with the new residence, scheduled for completion by the Fall 2011 semester, there will be University run housing for less than 10 percent of students.  All this is sure to be a surprise to you if you attended a school that required manditory dorm living for part or all of your attendance unless you could provide a good reason. 

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