Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HK On Air, 1981.

Stumbled across an interesting interview with Bay Area improvising guitarist Henry Kaiser at  It's from September 14, 1981 and appeared on the radio show Ode to Gravity, recorded at KPFA studios in Berkeley, California.  It's interesting to hear him comment about the problems  he had recording his then about to be released album Aloha on a multitrack digital tape recorder, then a new technology and today, some 28 years later, almost an obsolescent one.  It's also interesting to listen to some of his comments on the kinds of music he was interested in at the time in comparison to what he would be doing 5 years later, when he would incorporate a lot more vocal oriented music into his repetoire, although with his own unique take on it.  But even in 1981 he was beginning to move beyond the strict free improvisation that had been the hallmark of his earlier albums.

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