Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Official Site.

A regular part of my Saturday morning in recent months has been watching poker shows on GameTV, the Canadian game show channel. The ad content during the broadcasts is heavy on gimmicky stuff to mail order, like the Slap Chop and goofy exercise devices. This includes an ad for the Prayer Cross, a crystal and silver charm that has the Lord's Prayer imbedded in the centre. When you hold it up to a source of light you can see the prayer appear. And to my surprise it actually has its own official site. Yeah, I know, you're probably sitting there going "Well, duh, idiot." Frankly this "unique spiritual accessory," as the ads call it, seems extremely cheesy to me. But I'm sure it has a wide appeal given that we live in a world where people get all excited when a spot of oil or a cheese sandwich looks vaguely like Jesus. Many people's religious faith is in fact as deep as the kind of puddle that would dry up to leave a Jesus shaped blotch, so they're likely to be mighty impressed by this thing.

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