Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tuning Around.

I picked up a new toy last week, a Grundig G8 Traveller II shortwave radio. However I bought it for AM DXing, as it's considered one of the ultralight class of radios like my Sony SRF-59. Here's what I heard a bit ago. Saskatoon is -6 hours behind UTC, hence the October 9th date.

October 9:

970 khz at 0022. Very good with ads including Chunky Soup, followed by finish of New York Giants football broadcast. 970 WDAY ID at 0025. Fargo, North Dakota.

970 khz at 0027. Very good with WDAY nulled. Discussion of Sunday NFL games. 970 KBUL ID at 0032. Billings, Montana. I'm surprised two stations so close to each other share the same frequency.

1000 khz at 0039. Very good with weather and KOMO News Radio ID at 0039. Some slop from CBW Winnipeg on 990 khz noticeable at times. Seattle, Washington.

1010 khz at 0047. Very good to good signal with Writers and Company program. No ID but obviously CBR with CBC Radio One feed. Calgary, Alberta.

1030 khz at 0050. Fair with discussion of Medicare and health care reform. KTWO ID at 0059. Caspar, Wyoming.

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