Friday, October 09, 2009

Say What?

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. Bizarre. I was glad Obama got elected given that he's a Democrat after 8 years of a Republican President, is America's first black President, and because it meant the silly Sarah Palin wouldn't have a chance to take the job if something happened to John McCain. But to be blunt as of yet he really hasn't done much internationallly, which is no surprise given that he hasn't been in the office a year yet. So what was the Nobel Prize selection committee thinking? It almost seems like a thumb of the nose against George W. Bush and his shakey commitment to international relations and multilateralism. The right wing talking heads in the US should be already working themselves up to a good lather this morning, although coming on a Friday it will give some folks a bit of time to calm down over the weekend.

Can you turn down the Prize? Mr. Obama might want to seriously consider the idea.

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