Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sunday night saw the last major league baseball game held at Yankees Stadium. (Unfortunately I missed the broadcast.) Frankly I was a bit surprised at this. You would think that given this historic event has been in the offing for a good while now Major League Baseball would have scheduled it for the last day of the season. Instead the Yankess will end their season on a road trip, including 3 games starting tonight against the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Of course one assumes a lot of people thought that the Yankees would make the playoffs, and hence Sunday's game wouldn't have been the last. The new stadium is located across the street and will be open for the start of next season. The cost? A measily 1.3 billion. Nice cash if you have it.

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Brent McKee said...

Apparently there's the possibility that it might not be the last game at Old Yankee Stadium. If for some reason completion of New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are both delayed - most likely by bad winter weather - Old Yankee Stadium will be the only venue available to host both teams until the other places are completed.

Happy Merkle's Boner Day to you.