Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A "Lady" And The Law.

The Barenaked Ladies are back in the news, but not in a way that they want. Singer Steven Page was arrested last week in upstate New York on drug charges. Police officers investigating an open car door spotted Page and a woman in a nearby appartment with a white substance that a later test proved to be cocaine. Frankly Mr. Page if you were snorting up to prove that you're still hip and edgy as you approach 40 you shouldn't have bothered. No one thought the Barenaked Ladies were hip or edgy in the first place.

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Jim said...

It's such a shame that this happened. I think Steven Page is a great guy that just got caught up in bad behavior. Besides, he wrote some of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs.

I hope everything works out okay and they can go record their new album soon!


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