Sunday, July 06, 2008

Don't Go To San Diego!

Seriously, dear readers, if you're planning on going to San Diego over the next couple of days, don't. Someone has discovered that the Bible says its going to be destroyed on July 8th. And you just know these guys are right because the Bible is involved, and their website has lots and lots of numbers in all sorts of eye catching colours.

Yeah, right. Ah, numerology. One of the classics of woo, and in some ways even more suited to our era than past eras given that you can buy a calculator for nothing and find even more "significant" number combinations than if you had to do it with pencil and paper. And it's a good bet the weirdo(s) behind this site will just recalculate things when nothing happens Tuesday and produce a new "doomsday date."


Brent McKee said...

What will the comics fans who've booked their trips to ComicCon do?! Will they get refunds on their pre-booked packages and room reservations?!?!

That has to be the worst example of use of fonts I have ever seen even from my days of running my own Diplomacy zine - and believe me in terms of typography and design there were some awesomely awful Dip zines.

Brent McKee said...

We are getting early reports that San Diego has not - repeat not - been destroyed on July 8th. More details not to follow.