Friday, March 14, 2008

Jazz Consumer Tip.

If you actually still go out to look for CDs you may have seen the silver box labelled Collectors Edition with a nice late '60s-early '70s shot of Miles Davis on it. Despite the picture on it the albums contained within are from the '50s, specifically Workin', Relaxin', and Cookin'. These are the recent RVG Remasters, done by the original engineer Rudy Van Gelder himself, so if you've been thinking of picking up those albums buy this box instead, as you'll save money. I found a $16.99 copy at my local Future Shop, and with the tax the whole thing came out to $18.69. Some other places like London Drugs and HMV, in my area at least, have offered this package at $19.99. So you may save 15 bucks or more over buying the albums individually. Now if I could just find new copies of things like Get Up With It at a good price....

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