Saturday, February 02, 2008

"You're called what?"

As they did last year the government of Alberta has released details on the baby names given to Albertan children over the last year. The top ten are fairly normal even if I'm not a big fan of some of them. But there are also the oddballs. How about Raynebow-Roze? A name I wouldn't give a kid in the first place, but made even worse by it being spelled that way. That poor little girl will spend a significant portion of her life just spelling her name. At least the girls named Unique and Whisper have theirs spelt in the normal way, although I wonder how unique Unique might end up being given some of the naming trends these days. Oddly the names Ocean and Midnite were given to boys, when I would have expected them to be given to girls.(Some visitors may remember actress Ocean Hellman from the 1980s TV series Danger Bay.) I'm not sure why anyone would name their boy Obsidian-Angel. What a mouthful! From the top and bottom of the alphabet we have Aad and Aallisha, and Zymel and Zyren. I haven't a clue how you'd pronounce Aad, and strongly suspect it was made up so the kid would have a first name ahead of anyone else. And the name your kid after someplace trend continues with boys named Milwaukee and Cyprus, while girls were named Nevada and Venice. They also mention a girl named Alberta, but I suspect that might be a case of someone wanting to give their kid a very old fashioned name.

It would be interesting to talk to some of these kids 20 years down the road and see what they think about having names like those, or perhaps even if they still have those names.

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Brent McKee said...

As I recall they used to have a law in France that restricted what you could name your child. You could not, for example, name a child Cerise which is the word for Cherry. At the time I heard about it I thought it was stupid; now I'm not so sure.