Saturday, August 26, 2006

A&B Sound Saskatoon, RIP.

I found out from today's Saskatoon Star Phoenix that tomorrow will be the last day for Saskatoon's A&B Sound outlet. Financial troubles have lead to the BC based company deciding to concentrate on its Alberta and BC outlets. They had an ad in the paper this morning for their going out of business sale which must have been quite effective, as very little was left when I went there this afternoon. The fact that the ad made no mentioned of CDs and DVDs being on cheap, which is why I went there, makes me suspect that those are either going to be shipped back to their labels for credit, or will turn up as stock in the surviving A&B stores elsewhere. Whatever the case the CD/DVD section of the store was inaccessable. I bought a lot of CDs from them over the years because their prices were probably the cheapest overall in this market. It's sad to see them go, but sadder for the folks who have been laid off.

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