Monday, May 15, 2006

Me and Chinese Google.

Having read an article in the New York Times Magazine on the internet in China I got curious about what happens if you search for me via Google's Chinese searchpage. You can find me, including using a possibly "naughty" keyword like vote. The results don't come through identically, but I won't hazard a guess as to why. I have had a couple of Chinese hits on here, but I'm not really expecting many. This is an English language blog, it covers a random range of subjects, and I've written little about China on it, so I wouldn't expect large numbers of Chinese to come looking for it. Of course the really interesting test would be to try the same search from an Internet terminal in the PRC, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon. It should be noted that its not just the Chinese that can interfere with search engine activity. Apparently the German government restricts access to pro Holocaust denial sites, which in the opinion of many, including me, just allows the people behind those sites to use such censorship to support their claims.

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