Thursday, May 25, 2006

From the Law and Order Files II

You're likely to be hearing a lot about this story in the next few days, if not weeks. A Nebraska judge has sentenced a child abuser to 10 years probation because she says he is too small to survive in prison. Richard W. Thompson is five foot one. Judge Kristine Cecava stated that although his crimes deserved a long sentence he would face too much risk being put into prison. Thompson will be electronically monitored for the first four months of his sentence, must not be with anyone under 18 alone, or get involved with a woman whose children are under 18, and must dispose of all his pornography.

The idea that simply because someone is short they are more at risk for being harmed in jail seems ridiculous. A five foot tall body builder is obviously more dangerous than a 7 foot tall person who sits around doing nothing all day but eating junk food. One can only wonder how short someone has to be for Judge Cecava to consider them at risk in prison. The world is full of tough little guys who are probably laughing their heads off at this nonsense, while hoping they someday end up being tried in Cheyenne County by Judge Cecava. Of course given the controversy this story will generate there's a good chance her judgeship is in jeopardy.

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