Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad Scheduling Amplified.

I already mentioned my annoyance with today's Blue Jays-Devil Rays matchup not being televised or broadcast on radio. Now I find it even more annoying after reading that the Jays won 8-1 behind an 89 pitch complete game by Roy Halladay. The Doc must have been damn hot today, and I didn't get to see it. The scedulers at Rogers Sportsnet, or whoever it is who left this game off the broadcast schedule, couldn't have known this would happen, but still it rankles.

As I was sitting down to write this I was thinking about Tampa Bay's current bad luck, being at the bottom of the American League East seven and a half games back from the lead. It made me wonder if a professional sports team could actually go through a season without winning a game. There have been some football teams that I know the season records for that have come close, but its a lot harder to imagine this happening in a sport like hockey or baseball where they play more than 100 games a year.

The Tampa Bay team may not be the Devil Rays next season. There have been recent reports that the current ownership may change the name, perhaps dropping the Devil part. It has been claimed in the past that some folks of a conservative religious bent have been unwilling to see the team because it has Devil in its name, and they have no desire to have anything to do with an "evil" name like that. However the current reasoning seems to be as much about giving the team a clean start given its lackluster history as anything else. One supposed suggestion has been the Tampa Bay Tarpons, but as a number of folks elsewhere have commented tarpon is probably too close to tampon for it to be chosen.

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