Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today's first post unfortunately revolves around stuff that sucks.

First off we have the death of Dana Reeve, wife of the late actor Christopher Reeves, at age 44 of lung cancer. This comes a year and an half after Christopher Reeve's death, as well as the death of Mrs. Reeve's own mother last year of ovarian cancer. I suspect we'll soon see more nonsense about the "curse of Superman" as a result.

Minnesota Twins great Kirby Puckett has died of a stroke at 45. Puckett's career was cut short in 1996 when he lost vision in one eye due to glaucoma. Puckett's life after baseball was troubled, and he apparently had put on a lot of weight in recent years that may have contributed to the stroke.

Greek musician Yanni, who became well known for his brand of glosssy New Age music, has been arrested on domestic battery charges. Apparently he doesn't find his own music sufficiently soothing enough. For several years Yanni had a relationship with actress Linda Evans of Dysnasty fame.

And here in Saskatoon the price of gas went up 8 cents a litre today to 98.9 cents. I doubt I'm the only one who is not too happy with the oil companies today.

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