Sunday, March 19, 2006

There are few things nicer than picking up some CDs cheap. I got lucky and came across a couple at McNally Robinson Booksellers here in Saskatoon. They're Inference by Marilyn Crispell and Tim Berne, and yet can spring by Myra Melford and Marty Ehrlich. Both came to under 13 bucks with the tax. Interestingly both are piano and reed jazz duet albums. The Melford/Ehrlich disk is more straight ahead than the Crispell/Berne one. Seeing how cheap they were I figured I'd better bite before someone else did. There are a couple of somewhat more expensive reissues of albums on the JMT label I'm tempted to snag eventually. The packaging looks really nice on those. In the much more immediate future I'm thinking of getting something by Lee Morgan or Hank Mobley on Blue Note to go along with the several Blue Note Rudy Van Gelder series reissues I picked up a few months back.

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