Sunday, March 12, 2006

Some peculiar rumours(no pun intended) have been floating around for a while now regarding Fleetwood Mac. Specifically there is talk the original lineup of the group might get back together, including Jeremy Spencer and Peter Green on guitar. Frankly its the kind of thing that many will be watching just as much for its sheer potential for disaster as its possibility for good music. Jeremy Spencer joined the controversial Children of God religious group in 1971, literally dropping out of the group and the mainstream world in an instant. Green went on an 3 day LSD trip in 1970 and never really recovered, and has gone through numerous periods of mental instability since. Although both perform music these days its hard to think that they'll produce anything near the quality that made the original Fleetwood Mac so well remembered by many '60s music fans. Green at the very least is well known for the inconsistency of his live appearances.

Fleetwood Mac's third guitarist, Danny Kirwan, also ended up rather a mess. He spent much of the last 25 years homeless, although he reportedly has a bit more stable life now. Why 3 men who ended up with personal problems like that ended up in the same band is a probably unanswerable question.

Its really surprising we don't hear more talk of a Fleetwood Mac curse. Perhaps its because the post 1974 lineup with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham became so hugely successful, and its members have managed to get past all the problems that plagued them over the years. This success is of course a problem for any potential reunion of the early Mac. Its pretty safe to assume many people don't realise there even was a Fleetwood Mac before 1975's self titled album. These folks aren't likely to be happy seeing the group expecting to hear "Go Your Own Way" and getting a ten minute version of "Black Magic Woman" instead.

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