Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The King of Vegas Is Crowned.

Tonight was the final episode of Spike's King of Vegas. It turned out I was half right about the outcome. For a while now I had suspected that Alan Borman would be in the final showdown. But I had expected it to be with Hollywood Dave Stann, a professional blackjack player whose primary mission seemed to be to be as annoying as possible to everyone. Stann and Borman didn't like each other, but then who did like Stann, other than maybe David Williams? Their climatic battle actually turned out to be last week, and Borman took out Stann. So the final 3 were Borman, David Williams, and 83 year old Vegas fixture Jerry Goldberg. Williams had a string of bad luck tonight, but with a couple of his moves you almost have to wonder if he didn't deliberately lose. As a gambling pro Williams has already made close to 5 million bucks at a mere 25 years old, and can easily make the 1 million bucks he would have won tonight elsewhere. So the final battle was between Borman and Goldberg, with it all coming down to a final hand of Texas Hold 'Em poker where both players bet all their chips. Borman ended up with a pair of aces and won, becoming the first King of Vegas. Not bad for an amateur.

In a "blink and you missed it" moment I'm sure I saw Jon Finkel in the crowd at the start of the show, no doubt there to cheer on his friend Williams.

If Spike produces another season of King of Vegas episodes my suggestion is that they drop the horse race betting. Personally I found it the least interesting of the games shown, and I suspect the producers may have realised that as well since they only used it twice. At least they didn't do something really silly like having a slot machine segment.

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