Saturday, February 04, 2006

If you play any of the lotteries in your jurisdiction you might want to take a look at the odds for the various games. I was looking at the Western Canada Lottery Corp. site and it was interesting to compare the winning odds on various lotteries. For example the best odds of winning on a Pick 3 ticket are 1 in 167. Compare this to the Western 6/49 where the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 27.3 So spending a buck on Western 6/49 gives you a better chance of winning something. Unfortunately they don't have the odds for their Keno game which is the one I specifically went looking for. The best winning odds are for their scratch and win tickets. It should be noted that these are the odds for winning a prize on these things, while the odds of winning the big prizes are much higher. For example the odds of winning the one million dollar prize on Western 6/49 are 1 in 6,991,908, so you might want to consider this if you're in the habit of dropping 20 bucks a draw on such things.

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