Monday, November 14, 2005

For the past few weeks posters have been up around Saskatoon for an album release party for local musician Carrie Catherine, which included the URL to her website. I finally got around to looking at it this afternoon, and found out that she's Carrie Horachek, who released an album locally in 2003. Its not surprising given the dropping of her last name and the rather glamourous picture on the posters(and her website) that I didn't recognise her. You can see a shot of the "old" Carrie here. Apparently she's made the same decision many artists with "odd" names have, to change her performing name to something easier for the casual punter to understand and pronounce. Doing something like this really isn't a surprise when the performer in question is trying to appeal to a broad audience, but it must result in some soul searching.

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