Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ooooh dear. The reviews have started to appear for the new Fantastic Four movie, and they aren't good, Rotten Tomatoes currently showing it at a "rotten" rating of 24%. Personally I really haven't been in a rush to see this in any case, as the casting strike me as wonky. Jessica Alba as Sue Storm just doesn't ring right to me, she just seems too young, at times still looking like a 17 year old. And Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm is a keep away factor for me. I've never liked Chiklis, having had my fill of him as the overrought title character in the tv cop show The Commish. Ironically he's at least close to the age of the original character. When the FF debuted a lifetime ago in the early '60s Ben Grimm and Reed Richards were WW2 vets. They weren't kids.

Its funny to consider what recent comic book properties I have and haven't seen. I was a big fan of the X Men in the late '70s and '80s, which is part of the reason why I haven't seen either X film. I figure it could never match up to my memories and ideas of the characters. I saw Spiderman 2, but only bits of the original. I saw bits of the recent version of The Punisher, and it struck me as kind of off. Of course the early 90s version with Dolph Lundgren as a Stallone on heroin Frank Castle was even more off. I saw Daredevil on tv even though I was never really a fan of the character, and I saw Elektra at the cheap theatre. I haven't seen Batman Begins yet, but probably will watch it when it turns up on the movie channels.

It will interesting to see how well Fantastic Four does with the poor reviews. If it does poorly given the lack of success Marvel based properties besides X Men and Spiderman have had it may mean the demise of the laundry list of projects being considered of late.

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