Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Miss Universe 2005 is Canadian Natalie Glebova. At a Canadian press conference Monday she noted she's surprised at how little press her victory is getting in Canada. Personally I'm of the opposite opinion. I'm surprised she's getting as much interest as she is. The Miss Universe pagent gets virtually no Canadian press in normal circumstances, and is only getting it now because a Canadian won the role. Glebova noted that beauty pageants are not really part of Canadian culture, which is very true. There was a time when beauty pageants were relatively common and garnered some press, but in recent years they've just about faded into nonexistence in Canada. Apparently there is still a Miss Canada competition, but it gets no real press, compared to the days when the pageant was shown every year on CTV. Saskatoon CTV affiliate CFQC sponsored the Miss Saskatoon pageant for years, but it seems to have ended sometime in the early '90s. A girl I went to high school with actually competed for Miss Saskatoon, which I've always found funny as she was sort of a punk rock girl when I went to school with her, having blue hair at one point.

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