Thursday, May 26, 2005

To use an old cliche, the plot thickens in Major League Baseball's American League East. Toronto defeated Boston tonight, sweeping them in a 3 game series at Toronto's Rogers Centre. The Yankees won as well. The result? New York and Toronto are tied for second in the division, both at 5 games over .500 with 26 wins and 21 losses each. They're 4 and a half games back of division leaders Baltimore. Boston has slipped to third due to the sweep. Boy, its been a long time since Toronto looked this good.

Unfortunately none of the Boston series was televised out here, for reasons unknown to me. Fortunately Rosetown's CJYM AM on 1330 kHz carried the 3 game series. I listen with my nasty old Sanyo portable cassette player, so its kind of noisey, but clear enough to enjoy the games. Saskatoon's CKOM carried the Jays for a season when they initially adopted the current talk format, but apparently didn't get ratings sufficient to continue the practice.(In their early days they also played Dr. Laura, which apparently did poorly as well.) Speaking of CKOM I had thought about writing a bit about this morning's John Gormley Live program, critiquing his behaviour, but I'm glad I didn't. This kind of post is a lot more fun.

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