Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today's cover of the Toronto Globe and Mail was rather interesting. Dealing with yesterdays acquital of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri in the Air India case, it showed pictures of the two accused with "Not Guilty" printed beside them, while the rest of the page was taken up with a list of the victims below the word "Innocent." A rather interesting presentation, and I can't help but assume the subtext was supposed to be yes, they may have been acquited, but they may have gotten away with murder of these poor people. Are they truly guilty? I don't know. But the fact they've been acquited makes me wonder if a front page like that isn't putting the Globe at risk of being sued for defamation.

In somewhat more ridiculous news the Supreme Court has ensured that no one in Quebec will accidentally confuse butter and margarine by upholding a Quebec law that requires magarine to be white. Quebec's dairy industry claims that if margarine is coloured yellow people will be confused and it will hurt butter sales. At one time you could buy uncoloured margarine here in Saskatchewan, and perhaps still can, since you really don't need coloured margarine for most baking. I remember my grandmother having some once back in the mid or late '70s that came with a dye package so you could make it yellow.

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