Saturday, March 05, 2005

Things seem to be going well for Velvet Revolver. The "supergroup" will be doing some more touring this spring and hope to begin production work soon on their second album for a possible Christmas release. Not bad for a group that has always had the possibility of disaster nipping at its heels due to the histories of its members, especially vocalist Scott Weiland, who is still struggling with substance abuse issues. While he's staying away from the drugs he should eat more. He's never been Leslie West but the shots I've seen from the last year or so make him look really gaunt and kind of sickly compared to his Stone Temple Pilots heyday. It will be interesting to see in 20 years or so if he'll be like Iggy Pop and look the same as he does now. Iggy's face has aged, but he still has the same kind of body he did in the mid '70s.

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