Sunday, October 17, 2004

I sure am glad I don't have anyplace I want to be at this late hour. The streets of Saskatoon are covered with a bunch of snow, and I'm sure the roads are completely crappy right now. Should be a couple of fender benders tonight.

I was just watching 24 Hour Party People, a film about Tony Wilson and Manchester's Factory Records. If the movie is anything to go by Wilson could be kind of a pretentious wanker, doing stuff like comparing Shaun Ryder of the group Happy Mondays to Yeats. A rather funny scene is when Wilson comes in on his girlfriend in a club bathroom having an encounter with Howard Devoto, then of the Buzzcocks, after she caught Wilson in a van with a hooker. The scene then pans to someone cleaning the bathroom, who comments he doesn't remember anything like that happening. Its Howard Devoto himself! There are other cameos in the film, like Vini Reilly of Durutti Column as himself, and Mark E. Smith of the Fall trying to get into a club. The script has the guy playing Wilson often breaking the "fourth wall" and talking to the viewers about his or that point of the history of what happened. A most interesting film.

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