Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tonight and tomorrow are the finale of Canadian Idol for this year, with one of the 2 finalists being Theresa Sokyrka from here in Saskatoon. The Idol concept has been licenced in all sorts of places, like Malaysia, as I found out by reading a blog post about the current competition. But it makes me wonder about Idol programs in other countries, and I can imagine scenes from a few.

Iranian Idol: As always ladies and gentlemen our music selections are approved by our own team of Islamic clerics to ensure they are not un-Islamic. And they would like to warn Reiza not to engage in the kind of moves he used in last week's episode. Not only are they un-Islamic they tell us, they also make you look like a bad Elvis impersonator.

Andorran Idol: And here's your winner of Andorran Idol, Francesca! Of course she's winner by default, since she's the only candidate.

North Korean Idol: Wasn't that a stirring rendition by Chan Ho of "The Korean People Will Stand With the Dear Leader For 1,000 Years?" And now here's Hee, with "The Dear Leader and the Korean People Will Defeat the Imperialist Agressors and their Lackeys."

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