Sunday, August 15, 2004

I just saw something that referenced When Harry Met Sally, and of course this made me think of those annoying Herbal Essences shampoo ads. Unless you're recently arrived from abroad or are one of those odd folks who don't own a tv you've seen ads in that stupid campaign a zillion times. Well, believe it or not When Harry Met Sally came out 15 years ago. So it should be obvious to the folks that make that stupid shampoo THAT ITS TIME TO DITCH THAT STUPID CAMPAIGN, BECAUSE ITS SO BLOODY OUT OF DATE!!! Seriously Mr. and Mrs. Advertising Exec, most of us are tired of the damn things. I don't care how supposedly successful they've been, its time for a new idea. Those ads are the equivalent of a tv show in 1984 treating hippies as if they were hip and current, instead of vaguely farcical..

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