Thursday, July 15, 2004

For a while now a local bus or two has featured an external ad advertising something called Sage Stone Wellness Centre.  After seeing the phrase Raindrop Thearapy in the text I finally got around to looking at their website  I wasn't hugely surprised at the headshaking stuff I found, a bunch of weird "therapies."  For example they offer something called LaStone Therapy, which is supposedly based on Lakota practices.  Yet the description mentions chakras.  Someone getting their Indians mixed up perhaps?    There's other things anyone vaguely familiar with this kind of thing has probably run into before, like energy fields and talk about vibration rates of the human body and so forth.  "Science has proven that we are all connected and transfer information within the energy matrix or grid that surrounds all living things" is a statement found in the description of Geotran, which is a trademarked term btw.  I'm sure scientists who work in certain fields would be surprised to hear that this has been proven.  Not that I'm quite sure exactly what fields of science this gobbledegook is supposed to refer to.  And on it goes. 
Apparently there are enough people in Saskatoon who have fallen for this nonsense to make a go of it, especially since they're located in the Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon's premier hotel.  I doubt renting space in the Bess can be very cheap.  Unfortunately there's no price list given, the cost per hour I suppose depending on what they figure should be done to you.  Too bad, as I'd love to know how much they're fleecing people for.

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