Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Conservative Party leader Steven Harper may already have a post election reason to roll his eyes. One of his MPs wants two Saskatoon police officers who were convicted last year of dumping an aboriginal man outside of town in the middle of winter a new trial. Maurice Vellacott's request is hardly the kind of thing Harper needs in his efforts to convince more voters that the Conservative Party isn't "scary," especially those folks in Indian Country who are especially suspicious of the party. According to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix Vellacott's letter also mentions the fact that the victim, Darrell Night, has a considerable criminal record as a factor in why a new trial is warranted.(I'd post a link to that article but its a "subscribers only" feature on their website.) Someone should tell Vellacott that this is irrelevant. Breaking the law is breaking the law whether the victim is a saint or a real bastard.

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