Sunday, June 27, 2004

Might as well write this now. Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. As I've said here before, I want everyone who can to go out and vote. No excuses about it "not making a difference." If you don't vote you are de facto casting a vote for whoever wins, whether you like them or not. So make sure you get off your butt and go to your local polling station tomorrow and make a choice. If you don't please don't spend the next 4 years bitching about not liking what the government does.

And for folks voting in Saskatoon-Humboldt if you vote for Jim Pankiw you're making a terrible mistake. All he'll be is a useless loser wasting our tax money for no one's benefit but his own. Vote for Nettie Wiebe, or Brad Trost, or Patrick Wolfe, or whoever the poor Green Party guy is. Don't vote for Jimmy Punkboy.

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