Sunday, May 16, 2004

A Vatican document released on Friday says that Catholic women should seriously consider not marrying Muslim men because of Islam's supposed weakness on women's rights. However the document apparently says nothing about Catholic men marrying Muslim women. Perhaps they assume Muslim women will meekly go along with what their Catholic husbands say. One wonders if they have, or will, put out similar warnings about Catholic women marrying members of certain Fundamentalist Protestant sects, who might believe that women are to be seen and not heard. Or for that matter some of the fringe Catholic groups whose ideas of women's rights might not jibe with what the Vatican agrees with.

On an entirely different note I sure find the CITY92 FM ads currently playing during Toronto Bluejays games on Sportsnet annoying. You get supposed "ordinary people" mouthing silly cliches, like the girl babbling about the station playing "killer deep cuts," "deep cuts" being a current radiospeak term. Or the guy going on about how the station, "doesn't tell you what's good music, they just play good music." Umm, no, dopey, the station is telling you what's good music. They have a playlist of what they think they should be playing, they're not using some mystic method to read your mind and play what you want to hear.

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