Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Thinking, as i do a lot since I'm writing a series based on it, about Undergrads today, the question came to mind if there's anyone out there in Undergrads fanland that seriously thinks Kimmy would be a better choice for Nitz than Jesse. You'd think there would be someone who did, but if there is they're pretty quiet about it.

Some people think any fanfiction writing is odd, but some types are obviously odder than others. For me its fanfiction written about real people currently living, especially the sexual themed stuff. You can only imagine what it must be like for someone like Justin Timberlake to read a story that has him having sex with Ricky Martin. Stuff with our real person being involved with a fictional character likely to represent the writer, or even stuff that openly features the author, is slightly more understandable, but still a bit outre. Of course I suppose someone would argue that writing about yourself having sex with your celeb crush makes more sense that writing about yourself having sex with Han Solo.

Of course there's one genre, professional wrestling, where things get even odder because the line is blurry in the first place. Pro wrestlers are real people, but they're also people acting out a storyline. So they're in essence playing a fictional version of themselves in the first place, and then you get people who write fics based on this fictional version. Most peculiar.

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