Wednesday, May 05, 2004

One more post for tonight. If you're out there reading the Undergrads fics on be aware there's a "hidden" Undergrads related fic, Gandalf the Beige's "Morgoths Bane."

Incidently I don't know about anyone else, but i find the new search engine there slightly annoying, since you must specify a story category to search. Unfortunately people don't always stick things like crossover fics in places you might think to look, and sometimes an author needs to be vague in a summary to keep the punchline of a humour fic hidden.(I've got a fic idea I'm working on that kind of fits the latter category.) Of course even with a search engine its easy to miss fics in the miscellaneous sections because the author gives no indication what property they're related to. Anyone who visits there frequently has no doubt seen things along the lines of "In this story Brit and Jesse finally realise their love for each other, please review," with zero indication of where these characters come from.

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