Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Drew Carrey Show ends this week, which came as a big surprise to most folks since they thought it was cancelled years ago. Sounds like Carrey needs a better publicist.

Frasier ends this week. But somehow I have the suspicion this isn't the last time Kelsey Grammer plays that character.

Friends ends this week, which probably means the end of David Schwimmer's career as an actor isn't far off, altho' he apparently is already slated to guest star on Matt Leblanc's new Joey spinoff. Oh well, Schwimmer can go sleep on his mattress full of millions of dollars. As for how long Joey will last somehow I think we won't be sitting around ten years from now reading about how long Leblanc's been playing that character. What Leblanc really needs is a hit movie.

Given the way the tv biz is going the likely replacements for these shows will last 6 episodes, and be replaced by more reality tv dreck.

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